New Zealand Dental Hygienists' Association proudly supports community projects set up by our NZDHA members both nationally and internationally. Projects that show social responsibility to improve oral health and a sustainable future for oral health education. We know oral health is important to maintain over all health including social interactions people have. NZDHA are constantly looking for community projects we can support. We encourage our members to be actively involved in the community with oral health education and awareness. New Zealand Dental Hygienists' Association provides up to 4 volunteer grants annually to members to use towards a volunteer project either in New Zealand or overseas. Applications for a grant must be received before volunteer occurs for more information please contact

A Friend of Kokorosa Advocacy for children's oral health transformation on remote South Pacific Ocean Islands

A friend of Kokorosa is an enabler of ingenious oral health projects which create excellent and sustainable oral health outcomes for all on remote rural villages and Islands in the South Pacific Ocean.

A friend of Kokorosa successfully and boldly advocates for vulnerable communities, creating access to quality oral health services ensuring empowerment of all local people.

MeneMene Smiles for life

MSFL is a voluntary program for oral health professionals in NZ.

Our aim: oral health for all young adults through preventive oral care and education.

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