Hi to all valued NZDHA members

With the Mid-Winter Christmas parties, layers of clothes and warm glowing fireplaces, it is evidence of the season.

“Creating Sunshine Smiles!”-Nelson Conference 2013 was a success even though the delegate numbers were down this year. Roberta Prestidge, Conference co-ordinator and the small branch, Nelson showed their city off to their visitors and were awesome hosts.

Johnson and Johnson, represented by Vicki Wright, was our Main Sponsor for Conference 2013. We are pleased with the alliance with JnJ as they support the NZDHA in Preventative Oral Heath Care. Their Aveeno and Neutrogena products were generously given for the delegate bags.

Colgate, Ivoclar and Oraltec were the Sponsors for some of the speakers, nutrition breaks and speakers gifts…. We thank the Dental Industry for their on-going support of the NZDHA. The Trade Exhibition was well attended and there were great prizes in the Lucky draw.

We had excellent speakers, mostly local and the Rutherford Hotel was capable of accommodating all the delegates and more. The “Girls’ Day Out” organised by Paula Palmer, Nelson Chairperson, was educational, fun, great local food and wine and Nelson splashed out its best Winter sunshine!!

Pleased be advised that regretably the NZDHA/NZDOHTA negotiations have stalled for the Joint Conference 2014.                        So whilst the NZDOHTA Conference will still proceed, the NZDHA will be hosting our own event in "The BIG Little City", Auckland on the 25th&26th July 2014    Venue to be announced.... Watch this space!!

The NZDHA Executive and Management would like to sincerely express our sincerest thanks to the only out-going Executive member- Secretary, Lorna Byrne. She has been charming (in her “Welsh/English way!!”), efficient, tireless in her role over the past two years. We will miss her and those cheeky emails! Welcome to the incumbent Secretary, Julie Williams ,Northland!!

Many thanks also, to the out-going Chairpersons and other Office-bearers for their voluntary time and effort in support of their Association. My welcome is extended to all the new Branch Committee members and warmly thank the Management members who will continue in their roles again for another term. With the handover from previous Office-bearers, I can assure you that they will mentor you as you “find your feet!”- “80% of success is by showing up!”

Colgate, represented by Rebecca Schipper, is funding the HoD rep.,Adele Leadley, HoD Representive, to the ISDH,Cape Town 2013. Hu-Friedy has funded the out-going HoD rep., Robyn Watson. The new-elected IFDH (HoD) representative for the next term is Cynthia Wallbridge.

Another reminder that the current Verifiable ContinuingProfessionalDevelopment(CPD) and Peer study cycle ends 31Dec 2013…it is your responsibility to have all schedules available for the random DCNZ audit.

Keep warm, healthy and God bless

Caron Thorne RDH

NZDHA President