We had a successful meeting with Louise Mann on hygienist’s employment, wages and commission.

It was a great lecture both for long qualified and new graduates, reinforcing our confidence in the work place as professionals.

I have applied for CPD for hygienists for the HIV seminar 27th September 2013 at the Rendezvous Hotel in Auckland .It is a free one day Seminar on the treatment updates on HIV management for healthcare professionals. I am just waiting for the CPD officer and exec to approve. With so many hygienists needing extra CPD this is a great opportunity.

Personally I am involved with Dentists for a Cure ( supporting breast cancer research trust) So far we have 7 Practices in New Zealand involved , working on Saturday 19th October. Practitioners offer their time free and all fees paid by patients on that day are donated to the Breast Cancer trust. We successfully raised as one practice alone last time a substantial amount of money and we have extended this to other practices this year. This will be a pilot for next year. Not only does it raise money for breast cancer research but it shows us as a profession as caring about our patients and community raising our profile within the community. We have found with so many of our patients suffering or being diagnosed with breast cancer, their backing and overwhelming support in this venture has been amazing. Not only has it increased our ability to understand patient’s limitations before during and after treatment, I personally have found my professional knowledge and ability to treat patients undergoing chemotherapy has increased dramatically. My referral base has increased and am able to make a difference in these patients’ lives. The organiser Dr Gerard Skinner asked if I could mention to the NZDHA if you would post a small blurb on your facebook page. Raising awareness and increasing the profile of the day. Also any practices wanting to join in please let us know . The blurb has been written and can be sent through to you if possible.

On another note I have been inundated with hygienists not receiving certificates from meetings . I have forwarded their messages to the CPD officer and have explained to all the hygienists that to be patient as certificates are taking time. We were asked at the last meeting why weren’t hygienist able to put their CPD number down on the NZDA site like dentists ? Is there any development there ?

Our next Northshore branch talk is on 24th October , being held at North Shore Dental in Browns Bay. 6.30 registration . Phillips are talking to us on marketing of whitening. We will also be looking at the northshore branch committee for next year .

After talking to the girls at the last meeting, with everyone worrying not only about CPD but peer contact. We now send out the minutes from the meetings to the hygienists who have attended from the past year as proof of peer contact. We feel this will reduce their burden of paperwork hunting and recording peer contact.

Kind regards Claire