February Plunket Event

1, February 2012

Dear NZDHA Member,

Colgate Oral Care is proud to announce we are hosting the sixth year of our February family oral health event in conjunction with the New Zealand Dental Association and Plunket. Aimed at improving the oral health of young Kiwi kids, furnishing a brush and 1000ppm paste for a new child opens dialogue about oral health. This typically takes place at the 5 month core contact.

Tooth models are being used to talk about teeth and demonstrate brushing--nurses have also found the “Lift the Lip” resource very useful. The toothpaste and brush are “greatly appreciated by clients”.

Deepa Krishnan, the NZDA-Colgate Oral Health Educator, and Rebecca Schipper, Colgate Scientific Affairs Manager, look forward to meeting with the Plunket nurses who’ve asked for further education sessions this year.

Some of the basics Plunket continues to communicate with parents are:

• Start cleaning teeth as soon as they appear

• Use a small soft toothbrush and replace it as soon as it is worn

• Brush twice a day - after breakfast and dinner with a fluoride toothpaste

• Limit sugary snacks and sweet drinks to treats

• Take advantage of free check ups for all children from their first tooth through to 18 yrs of age

• See your Plunket nurse for a free toothbrush and toothpaste (Spiderman 1000ppm) for your child

You’ll recognise the sweet girl from last year in ads during February with the message: Working together to start good oral health habits early. Donations from February Colgate sales will be used for Plunket toothbrushes and toothpastes.

We look forward to educating more young families this year--your continued support would be gratefully appreciated.

Best regards,

Rebecca Schipper and David Crum

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