Northland News August 2011

We had a great turnout for our ‘Oral Cancer Presentation’ given by Dave Stallworthy. As Dave is our local ‘expert’ given that he is the dentist that takes care of the Whangarei Hospital referral clinic, he certainly kept us updated on the Risks, detection, symptoms and histology of this nasty illness. Sponsoring his lecture was Alison Fields of Smithglaxocline who provided drinks and nibbles and gave us an insight to the new Sensodyne Rapid Relief toothpaste. The Northland members are really grateful to both Dave and Alison for giving us their time!
It’s in the pipeline to organize another meeting soon with the Cancer Society and also the AGM so keep yourself updated!
Lastly a couple of personal comments to 2 of our members. Well-done Jo (Burgess) on the birth of her second daughter Holly Mae! Also, farewell to Sarah (Lawrence) who is leaving us to move down to Palmerston North. Sarah has been a regular face at our ‘get-togethers’ and has often given us the opportunity to use the practice she works at as a venue for our branch meetings. You will be missed!

Lorna Byrne, chair

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