Nelson News August 2011

Hello from Sunny Nelson

We have had an interesting start to the year with a number of bookings being cancelled or patients failing to attend appointments, reflection from the recession hitting hard here. Fortunately it was mostly reflected in the first quarter and things have been back to normal for a number of months now.  It brings to mind of instilling the importance of what we do everyday, for our patients in an informative and valuable manner. Both  preventative and maintenance measures are the best way to economise.

We had Iain Wilson speak to us on Oral pathology in April, very valuable information of once again recognising any abnormalities early and referring to the appropriate speacilist, is the recipe for a successful recovery for any patient.

Cherrie and Roberta found the recent Auckland conference interesting and enjoyed once again catching up with other members.

It’s always good to keep in touch with our other members, we all like to travel down here and most of us have been overseas in the last few months and some are still enjoying overseas travel as I write.  I personally took my boys and friends whom joined us on a pacific cruise, we took oral health aids for the villages, stationery, and sport equipment to give to many of them.  I took oral health lessons at schools and on the beach etc, it’s always good to give back no matter where you are in the world, (and always a good lessons for my boys to see this)!

We love to here from our past members,  Anglea congratulations on the birth of your daughter, she is lovely!  Our family is also growing we have two new members joining us, one working as a therapist, (dual trained in hygiene), for Nelson District Health Board and the other at a large general practice.

Our next meeting is set for September a Dentist whom has worked in Dental forensics, sounds very interesting….!

Farewell all

Paula Palmer
Nelson President

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